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Cyberbullying Prevention
Standard: Technology



Standard: Technology

10 week Course



Bullying is the aggressive and unwanted behaviors projected upon an individual.  A bully’s intentions are to cause physical, mental, and emotional trauma in their victims.  In today’s schools, there are many cases of bullying.  In this course, participants will understand the meaning of cyberbullying, and explore strategies to discourage bullying at schools. Participants will also explore and become familiar with the Alabama Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies, and show evidence of a school-wide or grade level bullying initiative.  Finally, participants will learn how to make sure that schools address these challenges according to their school district’s policies while teaching students how to act as responsible citizens.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the definition of cyberbullying and its effects. 

  • Identify and utilize specific options to protect students while online.

  • Understand current state policy regarding Anti-Bullying Laws. 

  • Develop and identify best practices in preventing cyberbullying

Professional Requirements & Prerequisites:

This course is for teachers, school administrators, curriculum specialists, and other

school personnel. Participants are expected to have regular access to the Internet.

Additionally, participants should be familiar with using email, Microsoft Word,

PowerPoint, Adobe, scanning and uploading files, and browsing the Internet.

Further, participants are expected to create an Edmodo account. Lastly, participants

must hold an Alabama Administrative Certificate.

Course Tuition 

Course Tuition is $200.00.

You will be granted an extension for 5 days only at a cost of $75.00.  NO ADDITIONAL EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED.  If you need additional time after you have paid for the 5 days, you must sign up to retake the course and pay $200.00.

All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Purchase orders are accepted.  Please email us to request a copy of our W-9. 

Course Dates

 August 4 - October 13, 2023                  September 1 - November 10, 2023

September 8 - November 17, 2023    October 6 - December 15, 2023

October 13, 2023 - December 22, 2023

November 17 - January 26, 2024           December 1 - February 9, 2024


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