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Professional Development

High-Quality Professional Development 

It does not matter if your school has an academic status of “failing” or “high-performing”, OnlinePLUs is passionate about creating meaningful, purposeful, and intentional PD Sessions to help close the achievement gap. We will customize a Professional Development session for you to aid in increasing academic achievement. 

Contact us for pricing and customization options.

Our professional development workshops and services are delivered through:

                                                             Virtual training as well as in-person sessions                                                           

After-school sessions and workshops

Breakout sessions

Professional Development Session Titles

Classroom Organization & Management

Teaching Literature Strategically to Elementary and Middle School Students

Data-Driven Instruction using Marzano’s Research

Using the Depth of Knowledge Levels While Traveling Towards Academic Success

Differentiated Instruction after a Global Pandemic

Creating the Ultimate School Through the 3C's:  Curriculum, Climate & Culture

Meeting the Needs of All Students Through a Variety of Instructional Supports

"Strong" Tier 1 Instruction

Reformative Practices to Retain Teachers

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Principal Mentoring

We are now offering one-on-one mentoring for new and novice principals. 

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