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Ethics for Educators
Standard 8: Ethics


Ethics for Educators

Standard 8:  Ethics

10 week course

Course Overview

Being a leader means taking responsibility for the success of others. One of the keys to doing well in any profession is living ethically, inside and outside of work. The only way for an educator to demonstrate the importance of ethics to others and the organization is to teach by example. Understanding the importance of ethical leadership in education is the first step to serve as a model for all members of the education community.

This course is designed for participants to discover a clearer understanding of the innate ethical self. You’ll find tools and tips for bringing high standards of ethics into school and resources to explore practical ways of addressing ethical decisions.

Course Objectives

  1. Become familiar with the Alabama Educator Code of Ethics.

  2. Define and understand the purpose of the Alabama Educator Code of Ethics.

  3. Learn how to respond to ethical problems and concerns.

  4. Examines professional ethics and legal issues related to teaching, student supervision, contractual obligation, conditions of employment, and other workplace issues related to conduct and practice in the field of education.



This course is for teachers, school administrators, curriculum specialists, and other school personnel. Participants are expected to have regular access to the Internet. Additionally, participants should be familiar with using email, Microsoft Word, Adobe, Zoom, scanning and uploading files, and browsing the Internet. Further, participants are expected to create a Google Classroom account. Lastly, participants must hold an Alabama Administrative Certificate.


Course Tuition
Course Tuition is $250.00.

You will be granted an extension for 5 days only at a cost of $75.00.  NO ADDITIONAL EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED.  If you need additional time after you have paid for the 5 days, you must sign up to retake the course and pay $250.00.

All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Purchase orders are accepted.  Please email us to request a copy of our W-9. 

Course Dates 

June 07 - August 16, 2024       

June 14 - August 23, 2024     June 21 - August 30, 2024         

June 28 - September 06, 2024     July 05 - September 13, 2024       

July 12 - September 20, 2023     

July 19 - September 27, 2024      August 2 - October 11, 2024

August 23 - November 1, 2024        September 13 - November 22, 2024

September 20, 2024

September 27 - December 6, 2024     October 4 - December 13, 2024

October 18 - December 20, 2024      November 1 - January 10, 2025

November 8 - January 24, 2025       

November 15 - January 24, 2025      December 6 - February 14, 2025

December 13 - February 21, 2025


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